Friday, December 10, 2010


All the episodes for Sailor Moon S and S: the Movie are now avaialable! Be sure to keep coming back SuperS is coming soon!


  1. I'd just like to take the time to thank you for uploading these. Most likely because of the rumored redub that FUNimation is working on, Sailor Moon episodes (English and Japanese alike) have been getting removed from Youtube left and right. You get major props for running a site like this.

    By the way, have you considered changing your mind about the Japanese episodes yet? Don't get me wrong; I happen to like the dub as well (since it got me into the series and everything), but they aren't any less kid-friendly than the uncut Cloverway dub episodes that have been uploaded so far. Also, there happens to be a few "lost" episodes from the first season that DiC has skipped and never bothered to dub. There's five of them, to be exact.

  2. Hey Axem thank you so much for you enjoying my site. As of right now no I have not decided to put on the japanese versions yet. Veoh is also having problems with allowing the Japanese version they get copyright claimed on there as well. I may have to see if megavideo will allow them to be uploaded. the problem is i only have unsubbed episodes of the uncut season 1 and i probably will have to rerip them to get the subtitles added to it. but I actually will be posting a poll on here soon to see if people want the japanese versions on here and if they want them subbed or unsubbed.

  3. i want to say thank you sooo much for posting these sailor moon episodes! ive been practicly glued to my computer haha altho thats not good but whatever that just shows how hooked i am

    and btw i wanna say ur missing 2 episodes in season 3 (goodness eclipsed, and next in line) and your sailor moon theme up top doesnt work :P lol

    and i was wondering if theres anyway you could possibly upload all five seasons in japanese with english subs uncut(: so we se the difference and be able to easily enjoy them both(:

  4. I got the added now sorry about that. The reason the theme isn't playing anymore is because is temporarily shut down. I'm getting ready to remove it.