Episode Guide

Season 1 - Sailor Moon Classic

Episode 1 – Aired: 9/11/1995
Title: A Moon Star is Born

A clumsy girl named Serena Tsukino encounters a talking cat named Luna who says that Serena is the Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. Serena must now fight evil as Queen Beryl and the evil Negaverse have begun their attacks on Earth.

Episode 2 – Aired: 9/12/1995
Title: Talk Radio

Jedite continues his quest to collect energy for the Negaverse by using a late night radio talk show to attract women. When Luna becomes suspicious of the station, she makes Serena go and investigate.

Episode 3 – Aired: 9/13/1995
Title: Slim City

After weighing herself, Serena thinks she's gaining weight. After talking with Molly and her friends, she decides to try a new fitness program that everyone is talking about. However, the program is one of Jedite's traps to steal energy.

Episode 4 – Aired: 9/14/1995
Title: So You Want to be a Superstar

Jedite has one of his monsters take control of a popular celebrity to help gather energy. Serena tries to make her dreams of becoming a superstar come true, and unknowingly winds up in the middle of the plot.

Episode 5 – Aired: 9/15/1995
Title: Computer School Blues

Jedite's newest scheme involves targeting students who study hard by having them join a cram school and giving them a special disk that steals their energy. A new girl in school, Amy, has joined this school, and due to her intelligence and the fact that she has one of the special disks, Luna suspects that Amy might be a member of the Negaverse. Serena's disguises herself as a teacher and together with Luna, they head to the school to investigate. However, they may be in for a big surprise.

Episode 6 – Aired: 9/18/1995
Title: Time Bomb

In order to collect more energy, Jedite and his newest monster place a spell on alarm clocks that speed up time causing humans to spend more energy then they normally do. This also causes everyone to become slightly irritable. Serena also falls under the effects of the spell, causing her to become more adventurous then she normally is. Luna tells Amy about her suspicions with the clocks, and once they meet up with Serena, Serena and Amy go inside the clock shop to investigate.

Episode 7 – Aired: 9/19/1995
Title: An Uncharmed Life

Jedite disguises himself as a temple worker named Jed in order to sell good luck charms that steal energy. Everyone who buys one of these charms then disappears on a bus near the Cherry Hill Temple. Serena, Amy, and Luna investigate and run into the temple's maiden, Raye. Raye says that she and her grandpa have nothing to do with the buses. Luna then senses something special about Raye. Raye later finds out that Jed is behind the buses, but falls into his trap. Serena confronts the monster bus driver, and along with Luna winds up in another dimension with Raye.

Episode 8 – Aired: 9/20/1995
Title: Nightmare in Dreamland

Jedite sets up a trap for the Sailor Scouts at a new amusement park. When the news begins reporting on people disappearing at the park, Serena, Amy, Raye, and Luna head to the park to investigate. However, soon Amy winds up in Jedite's trap and now Serena and Raye must put their differences aside in order to save Amy.

Episode 9 – Aired: 9/21/1995
Title: Cruise Blues

Jedite reluctantly teams up with a monster named Titus in order to steal energy from couples on a cruise ship. Raye wins tickets for the cruise, but takes Amy instead of Serena. Serena and Luna sneak on board and soon find out that it is a trap.

Episode 10 – Aired: 9/22/1995
Title: Fight to the Finish

Queen Beryl has given Jedite one last chance to destroy the Sailor Scouts or he will be put into eternal sleep. Jedite appears over the city and tells the Sailor Scouts to meet him at the airport the next night otherwise he will burn the city to the ground. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to defeat Jedite when he is using airplanes as his offense?

Episode 11 – Aired: 9/25/1995
Title: Match Point for Sailor Moon

Nephlite takes over as Queen Beryl's general. Instead of targeting multiple people like Jedite did, he plans to target only one person at a time, when their energy is at its peak. His first target is a tennis player that Serena and Molly have become close too.

Episode 12 – Aired: 9/26/1995
Title: An Unnatural Phenomena

Nephlite's next target is an old gardener named Mr. Baxter who's angry about the city wanting to build an office building in a nearby park. Meanwhile, Raye goes on a date with Darien which angers Serena and causes her to use Melvin in order to spy on her.

Episode 13 – Aired: 9/27/1995
Title: Wedding Day Blues

Nephlite's next target is Serena's sewing teacher Miss Lambert, and he implants his evil monster inside her dress. Serena and Raye are planning on entering a wedding dress contest to win a trip to Hawaii. At the contest, Nephlite's monster reveals itself.

Episode 14 – Aired: 9/28/1995
Title: Shutter Bugged

Continuing his quest for energy, Nephlite infects the camera of a promising young photographer. He then sets up a modeling contest in order to lure girls to the shoot and get their energy. To make matters worse, Serena is planning on taking part in the photo shoot!

Episode 15 – Aired: 9/29/1995
Title: Dangerous Dollies

Nephlite targets a girl named Mika who can make beautiful doll figurines. Meanwhile, Sammy develops a crush on Mika and strives to figure out a way to impress her.

Episode 16 – Aired: 10/2/1995
Title: Who Is That Masked Man?

Nephlite learns that Tuxedo Mask is Sailor Moon's greatest weakness, and plans to use this to his advantage. Molly falls in love with Nephlite's civilian disguise, Maxfield Stanton, and Nephlite believes that Molly is Sailor Moon. He then plans to go after her.

Episode 17 – Aired: 10/3/1995
Title: An Animated Mess

Nephlite's next target is one of the animators for the upcoming Sailor V movie. However, his actions don't go unnoticed. While on his way to meet the girl, Amy sees him. As the scouts visit the animation studio to investigate, Nephlite's target's energy begins to peak, summoning the invincible Gemini Twins.

Episode 18 – Aired: 10/4/1995
Title: Worth a Princess's Ransom

Princess Diamond is in town, and she is going to have a ball where she shows off her Imperial Crystal. Both Luna and Queen Beryl find out about this and believe that Diamond might be the Princess of the Moon and might have the legendary Imperium Silver Crystal. Nephlite enters the ball and once again uses Molly to his advantage. However, the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask are also at the ball in order to find out about the crystal.

Episode 19 – Aired: 10/5/1995
Title: Molly's Folly

Nephlite creates a crystal that will allow him to track down the Imperium Silver Crystal. The crystal guides him to Molly. He heads to the city and once again disguises himself as Maxfield Stanton. Serena finds out about this and plans to stop Nephlite. Meanwhile, Zoisite and Malachite plot to make sure that Nephlite won't find the crystal.

Episode 20 – Aired: 10/6/1995
Title: A Friend in Wolf's Clothing

Molly continues to fall head over heels with Nehplite's human disguise, Maxfield Stanton. Zoisite plots to get rid of Nephlite. In order to do this she sends a trio of monsters to capture Molly. Will Nephlite choose to save Molly?

Episode 21 – Aired: 10/9/1995
Title: Jupiter Comes Thundering In

With all of the energy her minions have collected, Queen Beryl is able to awaken the Negaforce. The Negaforce tells her that in order to find the Imperium Silver Crystal they must first locate the Seven Rainbow Crystals, which once gathered with combined to form the crystal. Meanwhile, a new girl named Lita transfers to Serena's school. While everyone else is scared of her, Serena instantly befriends her. Lita takes a liking to a guy known as "Game Machine Joe", who just so happens to be the holder of the Red Rainbow Crystal.

Episode 22 – Aired: 10/10/1995
Title: The Power of Friendship

With the first Rainbow Crystal safely in their possession, Zoisite begins her search for the second. Meanwhile, Raye and Amy begin to question Serena's leadership skills, and Raye thinks she should be leader. Meanwhile, Molly seeks the help of a priest to help her with her sadness from Nephlite's death. However, the priest is the carrier of the Orange Rainbow Crystal.

Episode 23 – Aired: 10/11/1995
Title: Mercury's Mental Match

Amy's friend Greg, is revealed as the carrier of the Yellow Rainbow Crystal. Greg has the ability to see into the future, and knows that Zoisite is after him. He also knows that he will turn into a monster. After a run in with Zoisite, Greg tries to convince Amy (knowing that she is Sailor Mercury) to destroy him.

Episode 24 – Aired: 10/12/1995
Title: An Artful Attack

Queen Beryl is angry that Zoisite has lost the last two Rainbow Crystals. Zoisite begs for another chance, and locates the carrier of the Green Rainbow Crystal, a artist named Peggy Jones. Peggy has asked Serena and Darien to model for her which they do. When the moon wand begins to pick up a crystal signal, she discovers that the crystal is with Peggy. After Zoisite turns her into a monster, Serena is more determined then ever to save her.

Episode 25 – Aired: 10/13/1995
Title: Too Many Girlfriends

Lita's crush on Andrew continues to grow and eventually both her and Serena decide to go after him, despite learning he has a girlfriend. Andrew and his girlfriend Rita begin to have problems when he finds out that she is going to Africa to study for a year. Meanwhile, Zoisite finds out that Rita is the carrier of the blue Rainbow Crystal.

Episode 26 – Aired: 10/16/1995
Title: Grandpa's Follies

Zoisite has located the carrier of the Indigo Rainbow Crystal, none other then Raye's Grandpa. After trying to capture it, Grandpa somehow fights back. As Zoisite plans to strike again, a new guy named Chad arrives at the temple and begs to stay there. Chad also has a huge crush on Raye, and Serena tries to get them together.

Episode 27 – Aired: 10/17/1995
Title: Kitty Chaos

While being chased by a bunch of alley cats, Luna is saved by a large cat named Hercules. Zoisite has located the carrier of the Violet Rainbow Crystal, Hercules' owner. As Hercules begins to follow Luna around town, Zoisite goes after his owner. However, when Zoisite corners her and tries to extract the crystal, she finds out that it was actually the cat that holds the crystal. Zoisite then begins an exhausting search for the crystal. Meanwhile, the Crescent Moon Wand is not picking up the signal crystal, and the Sailor Scouts must somehow find the crystal.

Episode 28 – Aired: 10/18/1995
Title: Tuxedo Melvin

With three of the Rainbow Crystals in the hands of the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask, Zoisite must find a way to retrieve them. In order to do so she decides to go after the Sailor Scouts' crystal first. She decides to target Molly, knowing that Sailor Moon is friends with her, and will give up the crystal if she is in danger. Meanwhile, after hearing the girls talk about Tuxedo Mask, Melvin decides to be like him and dons the personality "Tuxedo Melvin" in order to protect and impress Molly.

Episode 29 – Aired: 10/19/1995
Title: Sailor V Makes the Scene

Zoisite and Malachite come up with a perfect plan to obtain the Rainbow Crystals held by Tuxedo Mask. Zoisite disguises herself as Sailor Moon, and Malachite captures her in order to make Tuxedo Mask appear. Meanwhile, the Sailor Scouts decide to investigate this fake Sailor Moon.

Episode 30 – Aired: 10/20/1995
Title: A Crystal Clear Destiny

Queen Beryl decides to bring Tuxedo Mask over to the side of the Negaverse, and to get his two Rainbow Crystals. Zoisite challenges him to a duel for the Crystals at Starlight Tower. Serena follows Darien to the tower. After being teleported in, Malachite takes the crystals. When Zoisite threatens their safety, Serena and Darien maybe forced to take drastic action.

Episode 31 – Aired: 10/23/1995
Title: A Reluctant Princess

The Imperium Silver Crystal has reformed from the Rainbow Crystals and Sailor Moon is revealed to be the Princess of the Moon. With her new found powers she easily overpowers Zoisite, who flees back to the Negaverse when Malachite rescues her. However, they also kidnap Tuxedo Mask. After killing Zoisite for her disobedience, Queen Beryl begins to turn Tuxedo Mask to her side. Meanwhile, while Sailor Mercury tries to find a way out of the corrupted tower, Luna and Artemis reveal part of the Sailor Scouts past on the moon, and Malachite sets out to capture the Silver Crystal.

Episode 32 – Aired: 10/24/1995
Title: Bad Hair Day

Serena has become depressed since Tuxedo Mask's capture. In order to cheer her up, Mina decides to spend the day with her getting makeovers. Meanwhile, Malachite's next plan involves finding Sailor Moon before she transforms by analyzing a strand of her hair. Both Serena and Mina head to the salon where the Negaverse has set up shop, and fall into their trap. However, the Negaverse's plan doesn't go exactly the way they planned.

Episode 33 – Aired: 10/25/1995
Title: Little Miss Manners

After daydreaming about her past life, Serena wants to become more like a princess, thinking that it will help her bring Tuxedo Mask back the good side. In order to do so she enrolls in a finishing school. However, this turns out to be one of Malachite's traps. Malachite believes that Sailor Moon will enroll in the school and he and his monster begin to suspect that Serena is Sailor Moon!

Episode 34 – Aired: 10/26/1995
Title: Ski Bunny Blues

The Sailor Scouts decide to take some time off and head up to a ski resort to spend a weekend. Raye and Serena want to enter the Miss Moon Princess Contest. However, it is actually a plot by Malachite to find Sailor Moon and capture the Silver Crystal. When the contest begins, Malachite's monster quickly narrows down her suspects to Serena and Raye, and uses an avalanche to trap them. While trying to figure out a way to escape, Serena and Raye talk about what has been happening with them lately, but will they be able to escape from this trap?

Episode 35 – Aired: 10/27/1995
Title: Ice Princess

Malachite sets up a trap at a local ice rink after finding out that skating was popular in the days of the Silver Millennium. The Sailor Scouts also learn about this and decide to head to the rink, as well as to try and meet Olympic skaters Mischa and Janelle who are said to be there. However, the skating pair is actually working for Malachite, and they believe that Lita is Sailor Moon!

Episode 36 – Aired: 10/30/1995
Title: Last Resort

Serena and her family go on a vacation to a hot springs resort. A nearby lake is giving off evil energy, and Queen Beryl sends Darien to investigate it. At the lake he has a run in with Serena who tries to get him back. He soon disappears when Serena's mom shows up. After Serena and her mom leave, Darien unleashes the lake monster and tries to control. The monster won't listen and wants to get revenge on the person who sealed her way. She thinks this is Serena. She attacks Serena and her family, and with her family around, Serena can't become Sailor Moon to stop the monster!

Episode 37 – Aired: 10/31/1995
Title: Tuxedo Unmasked

Queen Beryl has sent Darien on a very important mission. She wants Darien to recapture the former Rainbow Crystal carriers so that she can unite them into the Invincible Shadow, a warrior that not event he Sailor Scouts could defeat. When Darien begins to hunt for Greg, he clues Amy in on the plan and the Sailor Scouts begin to form a plan to stop Darien.

Episode 38 – Aired: 11/1/1995
Title: Fractious Friends

In order to fool the Negaverse, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus act like they no longer want Sailor Moon as their leader and that they want the Silver Crystal. After Serena meets a reporter, she tells her what Sailor Moon will be in a park that night to talk to her. Malachite and his Ninjana monster fall for this and plan to meet with Sailor Moon alone in a part late at night. However, the other scouts are are planning to hid nearby. Who's plan will succeed though?

Episode 39 – Aired: 11/2/1995
Title: The Past Returns

The Sailor Scouts discover a potential portal to the Negaverse and decide to follow it. They wind up in a bunch of tunnels where they are confronted by Malachite. They begin to battle, but all of a sudden the Crescent Moon Wand acts on its own and sends the Sailor Scouts to the moon! There they are visited by the spirit of Queen Serenity who begins to tell them the whole true about their past in the Silver Millennium. Meanwhile, Luna and Artemis run into Malachite.

Episode 40 – Aired: 11/3/1995
Title: Day of Destiny

The Sailor Scouts teleport to the North Pole in order to confront Queen Beryl and put and end to her evilness. The Doom and Gloom girls volunteer to "welcome" the Sailor Scouts and one by one they capture the scouts and bring them back to the Negaverse. All alone, Sailor Moon must now save Darien from evil and defeat Queen Beryl once and for all in order to rescue everyone and save the world!

Season 2 - Sailor Moon R - Part 1: The Doom Tree Series

Episode 41/01 – Aired: 11/22/1995
Title: The Return of Sailor Moon

The Sailor Scouts have defeated Queen Beryl and the Negaverse, but have lost all of their memories, and are now living normal lives. However, two evil aliens named Alan and Ann arrive on Earth. When their life source, the Doom Tree, begins to wither, they must collect energy for it. They send out one of their cardians to collect energy. However, when the monster goes after Molly, Serena winds up in the battle! But without her Sailor Powers, who will save the day!?

Episode 42/02 – Aired: 11/23/1995
Title: So You Want to Be in Pictures

Serena bumps into Darien, only to find out that he has no memories of the battles with the Negaverse. Meanwhile, Alan and Ann plan another scheme to collect energy for the Doom Tree. Some movie producers are planning on bringing Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina, and Molly in to audition for the movie. Ann and Alan decide to target the five of them and gather their energy, and since Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina no longer have their Sailor Scout powers, they are practically defenseless against their cardian.

Episode 43/03 – Aired: 11/24/1995
Title: A Knight to Remember

Alan and Ann are desperate for energy for the doom tree and send a lion cardian to attack Lita's best friend Ken. Lita saves him but Ken winds up in the hospital, and now Lita wants to make the monster pay. Meanwhile a mysterious new warrior in white named the Moonlight Knight starts appearing just like Tuxedo Mask once did.

Episode 44/04 – Aired: 11/27/1995
Title: VR Madness

The town has become obsessed with a new virtual reality game, and so Alan and Ann decide to use it to collect energy for the Doom Tree. At the game center, Serena and Ann get into a fight over Darien. As everyone heads inside, Alan and Ann launch their plan. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon, however her tiara stops working! To make matters worse, the Moonlight Knight shows up and the monster easily ties him up, seemingly leaving victory to Alan and Ann.

Episode 45/05 – Aired: 11/28/1995
Title: Cherry Blossom Time

It is once again time for the cherry blossoms to bloom. Serena and all of her friends head to the park to celebrate this occasion. Alan and Ann decide to use this celebration as a chance to gather a huge amount of energy. When Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina hear that in a certain area of the park people are attacked by a monster, they head to investigate. However, they are soon trapped by Alan and Ann's cardian. Serena heads to the scene, however once again her Sailor Moon powers are not working. How will Serena save the day without her Sailor Powers?

Episode 46/06 – Aired: 11/29/1995
Title: Kindergarten Chaos

Alan and Ann begin to target young children in order to collect energy for the Doom Tree. Meanwhile, Mina ends up visiting a kindergarten after she has multiple encounters with a young girl named Carrie who is being bullied. Mina agrees to take the kids home on the bus, but then Alan and Ann's cardian attacks! With all of the kids surrounding her, Mina can not transform. Thankfully Sailor Moon shows up and distracts the kids so that Mina can transform. However, the monster is too strong for Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus! How will they win and protect the kids?

Episode 47/07 – Aired: 11/30/1995
Title: Much Ado About Babysitting

Alan and Ann decide their next target will be little babies. Serena and Amy stop by a nursery when the cardian attacks. It makes off with a lot of energy and ends up putting some babies into the hospital, as well as the mom of of a baby named Jordan. With Jordan's mom in the hospital and his dad out of the country, Darien and Serena offer to take care of him. However, it doesn't go smooth due to Darien not having any memories of his life as Tuxedo Mask. While Serena and Darien take care of Jordan, the other Sailor Scouts try to track down the cardian, but can they do it before it attacks more babies?

Episode 48/08 – Aired: 12/1/1995
Title: Raye's Day in the Spotlight

Raye has been super busy organizing the Autumn Festival at her school. She also plans on making her singing debut at the talent show. Alan and Ann decide to collect the energy of all the people at the festival in order to save the Doom Tree. They send their cardian to attack in the middle of Raye's song, and it puts everyone to sleep. The Sailor Scouts transform to fight the monster, but the monster is too strong and easily gets a hold of them and begins to zap their energy. Can the Sailor Scouts defeat this tough monster?

Episode 49/09 – Aired: 12/4/1995
Title: Food Fetish

Lita has a crush on the Moonlight Knight, and when her and Amy begin to suspect that Alan might be him, Lita tries to get close to him by making him lunch. However, Ann becomes extremely jealous of this and decides to make Lita her cardian's next target.

Episode 50/10 – Aired: 12/5/1995
Title: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina decide to help Darien's school put on a stage production of Snow White. However, the girls start arguing over who should play Snow White. Ann has been reading the play and believes that is she can get Darien to kiss her he will fall in love with her, so she tricks everyone and she ends up being Snow White. However, everyone else begin to become upset with her acting and want to replace her. Meanwhile, Alan decides to send a cardian to interrupt the show and gather everyone's energy.

Episode 51/11 – Aired: 12/6/1995
Title: Detention Doldrums

Serena and Ann both get detention and must write a five page paper. However, Ann has lost most of her energy and can not concentrate. With Ann stuck at school, Alan releases a cardian to steal energy to heal her. However, this cardian will not listen to him and with Serena in detention, the other Sailor Scouts must fight her on their own. Meanwhile, with her energy running low, Ann plans to steal Serena's energy, but that turns out to be harder then she thought.

Episode 52/12 – Aired: 12/7/1995
Title: Secret Garden

With the Doom Tree close to dying, Alan and Ann are desperate to find a way to save it. They send their cardian Fourface to gather energy, but the energy does not help. When they miss school the next day Serena, Amy, and Lita go to visit them, but leave quickly due to Ann being rude. The next day Serena goes back and while trying to see Alan's room, she is attacked by the Doom Tree! Alan quickly saves her and tells her it was just botany experiment. Serena leaves, and when she meets up with the other girls, they discover a twig in her hair. After finding out it steals energy, they agree that Alan and Ann must be the ones sending out the cardians. After seeing how Serena's energy helped a new sprout on the Doom Tree grow, Ann plans to steal all of Serena's energy for the tree.

Episode 53/13 – Aired: 12/8/1995
Ttile: Treed

The Doom Tree has taken over the building where Alan and Ann's apartment was and it now has Serena and Darien tangled within its branches. As the Sailor Scouts fight their way to the top of the building, Alan an Ann bicker about who the Doom Tree should steal energy from, Serena or Darien. The Doom Tree begins to go berserk and tosses both of them to the ground. The Sailor Scouts arrive, but Alan and Ann easily overpower them. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon in order to save her friends and Darien, and she even manages to restore Darien's memories. However, the Doom Tree is out of control, and it won't even listen to Alan or Ann, will anything be able to stop the tree and finally end Alan and Ann's quest for energy?

Season 2 - Sailor Moon R - Part 2: The Negamoon Series

Episode 54/14 – Aired: 11/6/1995
Title: Serena Times Two

High above Tokyo, a man and four sisters look down upon the city. They have come to claim the city for the Negamoon, but first they must have the Silver Crystal, and to do so they must capture a little girl named Rini. Meanwhile, Rini literally drops in on Serena and Darien's date. She also wants the crystal, and even poses as Serena's cousin to try and get it. When Catzi, one of the four sisters comes to take Rini away, Serena must save her.

Episode 55/15 – Aired: 11/7/1995
Title: The Cosmetics Caper

Rubeus locates the center of future Crystal Tokyo and puts Bertie in charge of capturing the point. To do so she decides to run her own makeup shop where all of the makeup will steal energy from people. Meanwhile, Darien has a vision about Serena being in trouble and decides to break-up with her thinking it will keep her safe.

Episode 56/16 – Aired: 11/8/1995
Title: Sailor Mercury Moving On?

Amy has been accepted for a scholarship to study in Germany, and she plans to accept it. However, this leaves Serena very sad thinking that everyone is leaving her (since Darien broke up with her). Luna and Artemis present the scouts with new transformation pens that will give them stronger powers, as well as communicators. Meanwhile, Rubeus sends Bertie to capture a crystal point in order to help them with their plan to destroy Crystal Tokyo. When Artemis investigates a new ice cream shop, he is captured by Bertie, and the other Sailor Scouts must go and find him without Amy. Meanwhile, Amy does not tell the girls the actual date that she is leaving, and heads to the airport to leave, but will Darien and Rini be able to make it to the airport in time to giver her a gift from the others?

Episode 57/17 – Aired: 11/9/1995
Title: Gramps in a Pickle

Grandpa decides to set up a martial arts training school at the temple in order to help pick out some new workers, although Raye is not too happy about it. Meanwhile, Rubeus sends Catzi to a crystal point location in order to capture it for the Negamoon. The crystal point happens to be Raye's temple, and with Catzi's arrive, Raye begins to suspect that something is wrong at the temple.

Episode 58/18 – Aired: 11/10/1995
Title: Trouble Comes Thundering Down

Rubeus finds out that Serena's greatest fear is thunder, and plans to use it to the Negamoon's advantage to get her and Rini out in the open. Having the perfect droid for the job, Prizma decides to take on the mission. When Rini decides to walk home alone in the rain, Serena and Darien frantically search for her. However, when Rini tries to return home, she accidentally causes a disturbance in the gravity, and then starts crying, revealing her location to Prizma.

Episode 59/19 – Aired: 11/13/1995
Title: A Charmed Life

Serena, Mina, and Lita are planing on going on a shopping spree. However, Lita and Mina get into a fight over boys, making the trip an unpleasant one. Rubeus has located another crystal point, and Avery and Prizma decide to take control of the point, which just happens to be a charm shop that Serena and the girls go into. However, things quickly turn bad when Rini shows up and Avery and Prizma attack everyone.

Episode 60/20 – Aired: 11/14/1995
Title: A Curried Favor

Rini's school is having a curry potluck, but when Serena's parents can't make it, Rini decides to make her own curry because she doesn't want Serena's help. She asks both Darien and Raye, both of whom reluctantly agree. Avery and Prizma go after another crystal point at a supermarket, using the shoppers to fill the place with dark energy. Serena was shopping at the market for curry ingredients, and is now caught up in the middle of their scheme.

Episode 61/21 – Aired: 11/15/1995
Title: Naughty 'N' Nice

Rini feels unwanted due to Serena, so she runs away. She tries to go home, but the key won't work. She starts to cry and the moon beam appears. Catzi and Bertie find her and try to capture her, but she flees to a construction site. Catzi and Bertie and joined by Avery and Prizma and they corner Rini. When the Sailor Scouts arrive, an all out battle ensues.

Episode 62/22 – Aired: 11/16/1995
Title: Prediction of Doom

Darien continues to have nightmares about him and Serena and becomes more persistent then ever to make Serena despise him. Serena sees him with another girl and assumes he is dating her. When Rini finds out she goes to his house to talk, but along the way she is almost hit by a bus. Her moon beam saves her, but now Prizma and Avery have found her. Sailor Moon arrives to help, but the droid Hypnotica puts her into a deep sleep and begins to steal her energy. The Sailor Scouts try to wake her, but she won't respond. To make matters worse, if they can't wake her up soon, she will die. The only way to wake her is for her true love to kiss her but will Tuxedo Mask come to her rescue?

Episode 63/23 – Aired: 11/17/1995
Title: Enemies No More

With the battle in the future become worse everyday, Wiseman tells Rubeus that they need to hurry up and capture Rini. He tells him that she will appear at the Cherry Hill Temple that afternoon. Rubeus sends Catzi to the temple to get Rini. When Rini appears, Catzi attacks, but the Sailor Scouts arrive. Will Catzi be able to defeat them, or will she resort to using a "present" from Rubeus to solve all her problems?

Episode 64/24 – Aired: 11/20/1995
Title: Checkmate

With Catzi living life as a normal human now, the Negamoon is down in strength. They decide to forget about Catzi and worry about capturing the next crystal point. Bertie goes to capture the next crystal point which is located at a new tower shaped like a chess piece. Amy discovers her and temporarily drives her off. Bertie decides to enter the chess tournament that is going to be held in the tower, but Amy is also in the tournament. Will Bertie succeed in capturing the point, or will Amy beat her in the tournament and stop her?

Episode 65/25 – Aired: 11/21/1995
itle: Sibling Rivalry

Wiseman comes up with a plan that will allow Rubeus to return Catzi and Bertie to the Negamoon. Rubeus gives the scepter to Prizma, and she along with Avery goes down to Earth and captures Catzi and Avery. The Sailor Scouts hide Rini and head after the sisters. However, Rini sees them transform and follows them. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to save Catzi and Bertie and stop the other two sisters, especially when Rubeus makes a drastic move to get rid of everyone?

Episode 66/26 – Aired: 11/30/1998
Title: Rubeus Evens The Score

Rubeus is trying to think of a way to capture Rini when another member of the Negamoon family, Emerald, appears. She tells him that he is going to be relieved of his duty the next day and she will be in command. Rubeus is determined to find Rini. Rini can't accept the fact that Serena is Sailor Moon and steals the locket with the Silver Crystal. However, when she tries to go home Rubeus appears and a battle ensues between him and the Sailor Scouts. Will they be able to finally stop Rubeus?

Episode 67/27 – Aired: 12/1/1998
Title: Rubeus Strikes Out

With the other Sailors imprisoned in Rubeus' ship, Sailor Moon has to make a big decision, save them by giving Rini and the Silver Crystal up, or keep Rini safe at all costs. Serena goes to fight Rubeus alone, but Rini tags along and they both end up trapped on Rubeus' ship. It is now up to Sailor Moon to save both Rini and the Sailor Scouts and stop Rubeus once and for all.

Episode 68/28 – Aired: 12/2/1998
Title: The Secret of the Luna Sphere

Prince Diamond is tired of waiting for someone to capture Rini, and decides to send the Grim Man into her dreams and capture her that way. Because of Grim Man, Rini has been sleeping for days. As the Sailor Scouts watch over her, Luna P appears in the center of them, and a new Sailor Scout by the name of Sailor Pluto appears. Sailor Pluto says that they must go into Rini's dreams and save her. But will they be able to defeat Grim Man and save Rini?

Episode 69/29 – Aired: 12/3/1998
Title: Emerald Takes Over

It is finally Emerald's turn to try and conquer Tokyo of the past. Her plans involves filling certain weak points in the city with dark energy, and once enough power has been put into each point, the city will fall. Her first target is a bakery shop that the Sailor Scouts are at. Will Emerald succeed in her plans, or will the Sailor Scouts stop her?

Episode 70/30 – Aired: 12/4/1998
Title: Promises Fufilled

The newest craze is town is love bracelets, and Serena hopes that by making one she can get Darien to love her again. Emerald targets that very same bracelet shop and her droid uses them to fill everyone who wears one with dark energy. Serena has the same recurring dream that Darien has been having and decides to talk to him about it. That night the Sailor Scouts catch onto Emerald's plan and go to stop her.

Episode 71/31 – Aired: 12/7/1998
Title: No Thanks, Nurse Venus!

Serena, Amy, Lita, and Raye are all sick with the flu. In order to make them feel better, Mina tries to help them out by cooking and cleaning for them all. However, one by one she turns each house into a disaster. This is all apart of Emerald's latest scheme. She and her droid have given the flu to everyone. When Mina and Rini go to get medicine, they discover Emerald's plot and now Mina must stop Emerald on her own.

Episode 72/32 – Aired: 12/8/1998
Title: Dog Day For Artemis

After Luna teases him one to many times, Artemis runs away to an animal shelter. The shelter just happens to be Emerald's next target. She plans to use the animals in the shelter and turn them against humans in an attempt to conquer the city for the Negamoon.

Episode 73/33 – Aired: 12/9/1998
Title: Smart Pay Off

Emerald's next target is the Albert Einstein school, an extracurricular school. The dark energy she floods into the school causes all of the kids to act weird, and the next day at school they accuse Amy of cheating on her test. Amy tries to brush it off and goes to the school. Once she is there she immediately figures out it is a plot by the Negamoon. The other Sailor Scouts arrive, and the droid uses her powers to make Amy think the other scouts have turned against her, and she begins to attack them. Will the scouts be able to save Amy and stop Emerald?

Episode 74/34 – Aired: 12/10/1998
Title: Child's Play

Emerald puts her servants Doom and Gloom in charge of two negative points. One of these points is the school that Rini goes to. When she goes to school and everyone is acting strange, Luna and Artemis discover the Negamoon's plan. The Sailor Scouts arrive, but will they be able to help the kids when Doom and Gloom are using the kids to attack them?

Episode 75/35 – Aired: 12/11/1998
Title: Future Shocked

The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask have agreed to go into the future with Rini in an attempt to save Rini's mother. On their way they run into Sailor Pluto who eventually allows them to go past the gate of time. They enter the time warp which they must pass in order to make it to Crystal Tokyo. However, the Negamoon catches onto this, and Emerald appears before them. She blasts them into the time warp, and tells the genie to make sure the remain lost forever, and to bring Rini to her. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to find Rini, save her, and get out of the time warp?

Episode 76/36 – Aired: 12/14/1998
Title: Legend of the Negamoon

Everyone arrives in 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, and they are shocked to see the city cast in darkness and in total ruin. When Rini sees this sight she runs off crying. Everyone follows her, and eventually a man walks towards them. He reveals that he is King Endymion, the king of Crystal Tokyo. They follow him back to his hideout where he reveals what happened to the city, the origin of the Negamoon family, and why they have been attacked the present and future. With the scouts in the future, Prince Diamond decides to go and finally get his hands on Sailor Moon. He arrives in the king's hideout and kidnaps Sailor Moon. Will Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts be able to find her and rescue her from Prince Diamond?

Episode 77/37 – Aired: 12/15/1998
Title: Jealousy's Just Reward

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask return the the Crystal Palace. Sailor Moon tries to use her crystal to heal Neo Queen Serenity, but it doesn't work. Rini runs out crying. Wiseman appears before her, and uses his magic to make her believe that no one cares for her and that he will help her. Back at the Dark Palace, Emerald demands that Wiseman gives her the power to defeat the Sailor Scouts once can for all. He gives her a crown, but it turns out to be a trick, and the dark power overwhelms her and she becomes a huge dragon. She flies towards Crystal Palace and begins her attack. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to defeat Emerald once and for all?

Episode 78/38 – Aired: 12/16/1998
Title: Birth of Wicked Lady

The Sailor Scouts frantically search for Rini everywhere. Somewhere else, Wiseman continues to brainwash Rini and he turns her into Wicked Lady. Meanwhile, Sapphire talks to Prince Diamond about how he does not trust Wiseman. Diamond brushes it off and the Negamoon Family leaves for the past. Sailor Pluto appears before the Scouts and tells them that Diamond and Rini have returned to the past and that Rini is no longer he old self. They return to the past, and are confronted by Wicked Lady. Can the Sailor Scouts save Rini?

Episode 79/39 – Aired: 12/17/1998
Title: Brotherly Love

The Negamoon has invaded Earth of the present and created a base in the middle of the city. The Sailor Scouts watch a report on the news and become worried about Rini and the future. Sapphire discovers Wiseman's true intentions and steals the key to the Dark Crystal and flees into the city. However, he is injured by Wiseman. Catzi, Bertie, Avery, and Prizma find him and bring him to there home where Prizma tries to heal them. Sapphire knows that he must tell Diamond about Wiseman. However, when he arrives at the Dark Crystal Wicked Lady confronts him and the Sailor Scouts arrive to help. Will they be able to stop Rini and will Sapphire be able to tell Diamond and truth? Or will Wiseman get to him first?

Episode 80/40 – Aired: 12/18/1998
Title: Diamond In The Rough

With the Negamoon inching ever closer to their ultimate goal, the Sailor Scouts decide to take the battle to them and try to defeat them once and for all. They teleport inside the Dark Crystal where Prince Diamond immediately separates Sailor Moon from the others. Sailor Moon tries her best to convince Diamond that Sapphire was right and he must defy Wiseman. But will Sailor Moon be able to convince Diamond, or will he continue to help Wiseman and conquer the world?

Episode 81/41 – Aired: 12/21/1998
Title: Final Battle

The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask arrive at the Dark Gate where they are confronted by Wicked Lady. Sailor Moon does her best to convince her that they do love her, but Wiseman brainwashes her again, turning her back on her friends. Serena and Darien finally manage to convince her, and she turns back into Rini. However, they are not safe yet, Wiseman arrives and he is prepared to defeat the Sailor Scouts at all costs. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to defeat Wiseman and finally stop his evil scheme once and for all?

Episode 82/42 – Aired: 12/22/1998
Title: Follow The Leader

The Sailor Scouts have defeated Wiseman and the Negamoon and have saved both the present and the future. With no more battles to be fought, they reminisce over their past battles and try to decide who deserves the most credit, and who should be leader. Also they talk about what's to come in the next season.

Sailor Moon R - The Movie: The Promise of the Rose
Aired: 11/2/2001

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina, Rini, and Darien are at the local flower gardens enjoying a beautiful day and the beautiful flowers. Suddenly a childhood friend of Darien's shows up. Fiore wants to be Darien's only friend, and to eliminate anyone that has false intentions. After a rough encounter, he leaves. Luna and Artemis discover that an asteroid with plant life is on a course for Earth. Fiore sends a plant monster down to Earth to eliminate everyone, but the Sailor Scouts intervene. After a rough battle they defeat the monster, but Fiore shows up. Fiore wants to kill them, and he goes in for the kill against Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Mask jumps in the way. Fiore, upset that he hurt his friend, kidnaps Darien and takes him to the asteroid. Luna and Artemis discover that the flower that attacked is part of the deadly Kisenian Blossom, and if it reaches Earth the planet will cease to exist. The Sailor Scouts teleport to the asteroid to defeat the Blossom and Fiore and to rescue Darien, but will they be able to stop these two deadly foes and save Darien?

Season 3 - Sailor Moon S

Episode 83/01 – Aired: 6/12/2000
Title: Star Struck, Bad Luck

Even with life back to normal for the Sailor Scouts, they still have plenty to worry about, with big exams coming up at school. Meanwhile, a new enemy has arrived. Professor Tomoe is working hard in his lab designing daimon pods, pods that will unleash creatures that will snatch pure hearts from people. He hopes to find three with great powers, and sends his assistant Kaorinite to find a pure heart. Her target just so happens to be a tree at Raye's temple, and Raye becomes the first victim. Everyone comes to her aid, but the monster ties Mina, Lita, and Amy up and easily defeats Sailor Moon, canceling her transformation! Can the Scouts somehow defeat this new enemy?

Episode 84/02 – Aired: 6/13/2000
Title: Crystal Clear Again

Serena has a nightmare of her not being able to transform, due to the Silver Crystal fading. To cheer her up, Darien takes her to an abandoned building where a girl feeds all of the stray cats in the city. It turns out that the girl is the next pure heart target, but with Serena unable to transform, how can she save her?

Episode 85/03 – Aired: 6/14/2000
Title: Driving Dangerously

Tired of studying, Serena finds Mina at the arcade where they are introduced to the mysterious Amara and Michelle. Convinced that Amara is actually a guy, they follow her around until she visits her mechanic Anthony. It is revealed then, that Anthony is the next pure heart target. They transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus and try to take on the Heart Snatcher, but they are outmatched. Just when things look bad, two new Sailor Scouts show up! Will they be of help to the other Sailor Scouts and help them with the Heart Snatcher?

Episode 86/04 – Aired: 6/15/2000
Title: Bad Harmony

Serena wants to become more artistic and smart for Darien's sake, but no one believes her. She stumbles upon Amara and Michelle and is amazed by Michelle's violin abilities. Amara leaves to go ride her motorcycle, so Serena follows Michelle around hoping that she can help her. Michelle gives her two tickets for a violin recital that night. Everyone shows up, and it just so happens that the violinist is the next heart snatcher target! Can the Sailor Scouts save him?

Episode 87/05 – Aired: 6/16/2000
Title: Swept Off Her Feet

Serena does not want to study at Raye's, so when she sees Darien, she goes to see him. He is with Lizzie, who is on her way to work. Serena goes to her work where Lizzie wants to know if Serena and Darien have kissed yet. She dreams of her first kiss, but isn't sure if her new love interest is the one. This dream of hers makes her the next target of the Heart Snatchers. After the snatcher steals her heart, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune intervene, and in the resulting battle, the pure heart is lost. Now the heart snatcher and Uranus and Neptune are in a race to see who will find it first. When Serena and the scouts come to Lizzie's apartment, they find her and soon they become involved in the race for the heart crystal, but who will get it first?

Episode 88/06 – Aired: 6/19/2000
Title: Blinded By Love's Light

Molly and Melvin have crushes on each other, but they can't bring themselves to admit it. Serena decides to play match maker and enlists Raye to help her. They enter Molly and Melvin in a love contest at a park in order to bring them together. Amara and Michelle sense the Heart Snatchers presence and they also enter the contest. Molly and Melvin win the contest, but the heart snatcher appears and targets Melvin. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to save him?

Episode 89/07 - Aired: 6/20/2000
Title: Lita Borrows Trouble

Serena and Lita are on the way to Raye's house when they are almost hit by a motorcycle. It turns out to be Amara who apologizes and gives Lita her handkerchief as an apology. The girls forgive her and continue on their way. However, it turns out that Lita is the next heart snatcher target and they possess the handkerchief. After Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury appear, the heart snatcher flees. As the other sailor scouts try to figure out a way to keep Lita safe, Amara and Michelle invite Lita on a car ride and to go get ice cream. They want to find out how strong her pure heart is. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to keep Lita away from the Heart Snatchers, or will they get to her first?

Episode 90/08 - Aired: 6/21/2000
Title: Damp Spirits

Amy becomes dispirited, thinking that her life is boring and she has nothing to strive for, and she questions why anyone wants to be her friend. Things become even worse after a swimming race with Michelle. These feelings make Amy the next target for the Heart Snatchers.

Episode 91/09 - Aired: 6/22/2000
Title: Friendly Foes

Professor Tomoe and Kaorinite decide that they must eliminate Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune since they always show up right when they attack. Kaorinite decides to lay a trap for them. After Amara wins a motorcycle race, she offers to give Serena a ride home since she missed the bus. After being run off the road by jealous competitors, they are close to the site of the next heart snatcher victim, who is being watched by Sailor Neptune. Kaorinite unleashes the Heart Snatcher, and Sailor Neptune attacks, and Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon arrive soon afterward (separately). The Heart Snatcher ties Moon and Uranus' wrists together and Kaorinite throws Neptune over the cliff. Uranus flees with Sailor Moon in tow, and now the two must work together if they are to get free and save Neptune and the heart snatcher victim.

Episode 92/10 - Aired: 6/23/2000
Title: Mixed Emotions

Raye is trying to get to the bottom of the dreams she has been having, but she has no luck. Meanwhile, Chad is trying to get Raye to notice him, but nothing is working. To make matters worse, their relationship becomes rocky when Chad believes Raye is dating Amara. Chad decides to leave the temple, and Raye doesn't seem to care. But will she have a change of heart when he becomes the next heart snatcher victim?

Episode 93/11 - Aired: 6/26/2000
Title: Individual Happiness

Mina begins to feel down after seeing everyone around her coupling up. Things become even worse when Mina runs into her crush and ex-volleyball teammate Jamie. Mina tries to decide what she should do, and even asks Amara. Mina decides to go visit Jamie and see if he interested in dating her, but he ends up being the next Heart Snatcher victim! Will Mina be able to save him?

Episode 94/12 - Aired: 6/27/2000
Title: Birthday Blues (Part 1)

It is Serena's birthday and she is excited and ready to have some fun. However, after her friends say they need to study instead of party and Darien seems to forget her birthday, she becomes upset. After arriving at Raye's house, she walks into a surprise party. However, she can't get over the fact that she slapped Darien. After realizing that she never told Darien her birthday, she runs off to find him. They run into each other and Darien reveals that he bought her some glass shoes that she was admiring earlier. However, the shoes turn out to be the host of a Heart Snatcher, and Serena is the target! With no way to call the Sailor Scouts, will Darien be able to save Serena, and will Uranus and Neptune have the heart to keep Serena's pure heart if it is one of the three ultimate ones?

Episode 95/13 - Aired: 6/28/2000
Title: Birthday Blues (Part 2)

Kaorinite has trapped Tuxedo Mask in ice and brought him to Tokyo Tower. Despite the Sailor Scouts' protests, Serena decides to head to the tower alone. she gets a ride from Amara and Michelle. They ask her about her opinions regarding sacrifices and pure hearts. Although she stills knows she must complete her mission, Michelle is conflicted about whether or not she could sacrifice Serena. At the tower Kaorinite and her Heart Snatcher confront Serena, knowing that she is Sailor Moon. Before she can do anything, they steal her heart. The other scouts arrive and an all out battle ensues. Can they save Serena's pure heart and defeat Kaorinite once and for all?

Episode 96/14 - Aired: 6/29/2000
Title: Hello, Sailor Mini Moon

As Raye gets the Sailor Scouts jobs at the local festival, the Heart Snatchers target a spirited drummer who happens to be performing the night of the festival. But when Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon fail to stop the newest heart snatching monster, some unexpected help from the future arrives.

Episode 97/15 - Aired: 6/30/2000
Title: Tainted Tea Party

Rini has returned to the 20th Century to train as a Sailor Scout. Trying to follow the advice of her mother, Rini tries to make friends with a tea ceremony master that she, Serena, Darien, Amara, and Michelle visit. However, it turn out that she is the next Heart Snatcher target! Can Rini save her potential friend?

Episode 98/16 - Aired: 7/3/2000
Title: People Who Need People

After losing her pride after her last battle, Lita goes to a mountain retreat to train. The girls go and support Lita, (and Serena wants to see Darien who works at a hotel nearby). However, it turns out that Lita's teacher is the next Heart Snatcher target. Will Lita be able to overcome her troubles and help the Sailor Scouts save her master?

Episode 99/17 - Aired: 7/4/2000
Title: Related by Destiny

After losing her pride after her last battle, Lita goes to a mountain retreat to train. The girls go and support Lita, (and Serena wants to see Darien who works at a hotel nearby). However, it turns out that Lita's teacher is the next Heart Snatcher target. Will Lita be able to overcome her troubles and help the Sailor Scouts save her master?

Episode 100/18 - Aired: 7/5/2000
Title: Art Appreciation

Serena and the girls eat a pie made by Rini and Ikuko for Massinori. Rini has a crush on Massinori, but Massinori has feelings towards Michelle. But when Massinori's the target of Eugeal, it's up to Rini to save his pure heart!

Episode 101/19 - Aired: 7/6/2000
Title: Everything Comes Up Rosy

Serena and the others are invited to a black-tie event at the rose mansion, to which they are ecstatic about. However, the host turns out to be Eugeal's next target.

Episode 102/20 - Aired: 7/7/2000
Title: No Turning Back Now

Mina is feeling down due to the fact that all the other Sailor Scouts have been targeted by the Heart Snatchers and she hasn't. She begins to think that she does not have a pure heart. She decides to prove she does have a pure heart, and sure enough she ends up being the target. However, when the battle for her heart crystals begins, shocking secrets are revealed.

Episode 103/21 - Aired: 7/10/2000
Title: Destiny's Arrival

Eugeal has finally discovered a way to locate the people who contain the treasures that will form the Purity Chalice within their pure hearts. Knowing that Amara and Michelle are looking for them as well, she tells them to meet her at the Marine Cathedral. Not wanting any interference, they take Serena's transformation brooch and go to the cathedral. However, once there they will discover something very shocking about the owners of the treasures.

Episode 104/22 - Aired: 7/11/2000
Title: The Purity Chalice

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are two of the carriers of the pure heart treasures, and now Eugeal is in possession of those treasures. Eugeal flees the scene and leaves Uranus and Neptune to die. Sailor Moon and the other give chase, but will they be able to stop Eugeal and save Uranus and Neptune?

Episode 105/23 - Aired: 7/12/2000
Title: Show Stoppers

A new movie is being filmed nearby and all of the girls want to check it out. Meanwhile, Mimet has taken over for Eugeal, but now she is trying to find pure heart crystals to feed to the Sovereign of Silence, and her first target just so happens to be the star of the movie filming nearby!

Episode 106/24 - Aired: 7/13/2000
Title: Rini's Risky Friendship

Darien meets with Amara, Michelle, and Trista late at night to talk about why they won't help the other Sailor Scouts. Meanwhile, Rini seeks everyone's advice on how to make Hotaru like her. Rini and Serena go over to Hotaru's house to visit her, but first Serena is in for a shocking surprise. Meanwhile, Mimet targets a writer as her next victim.

Episode 107/25 - Aired: 7/14/2000
Title: Mimet's Mess

Both Mina and Mimet are Jonah Arakni's biggest fans, and want to be in his next movie. A contest is held to find a costar for him. When Mimet doesn't win the contest, it's curtains for Jonah, and now it is up to the Sailor Scouts to save him!

Episode 108/26 - Aired: 7/17/2000
Title: The Shadow of Silence

Rini tries to see Hotaru again, but Kaori tells her that Hotaru is resting. Hotaru leaves the house and catches up with Rini, but she collapses. Serena and Amy come along and they take her to the hospital. She seems to be fine later, and then Amara offers them a ride home. However, they have to stop at a park where Mimet is going after her latest target. The Sailor Scouts arrive to help, but something strange is about to happen.

Episode 109/27 - Aired: 7/18/2000
Title: Thorny Weather

Serena, Darien, and Rini are planning on going on a picnic to the botanical gardens, so Rini invites Hotaru to come along. It turns out that one of Darien's friends work there, and he just happens to be Mimet's next target. Meanwhile, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto begin to suspect that Hotaru might have something to do with the Heart Snatchers.

Episode 110/28 - Aired: 7/19/2000
Title: Heightened Hazard

Hotaru always writes letters to her idols, but she never sends them. When Serena and Rini find out, they decide to help Hotaru get her letter to a track athlete named Sean. However, he is also Mimet's latest target.

Episode 111/29 - Aired: 7/20/2000
Title: It's in the Cards

After Professor Tomoe leaves the lab, Mimet overloads the heart snatcher oven with boardgames and other stuff, sending the whole house into an alternate dimension. Rini and Hotaru are trapped inside, and the Sailor Scouts arrive and teleport inside. They find Rini and Hotaru, but they are soon capture by Mimet's creation, and now it is up to Rini and Hotaru to save them!

Episode 112/30 - Aired: 9/13/2000
Title: Goodness Eclipsed

Rini wants to go to a planetarium with Hotaru, so she asks the girls to take them and they agree. Meanwhile, Amara, Michelle, and Trista realize that Hotaru must be the Sovereign of Silence, the one who will end the world. At the planetarium Mimet shows up looking to steal the pure heart of the speaker of the lesson, while the Outer Scouts show up, hoping to eliminate their troubles for good.

Episode 113/31- Aired: 7/21/2000
Title: Next in Line

Professor Tomoe is tired of Mimet's failures, and decides to giver her job to another one of the Witches 5, Telulu. Determined to make sure it is her who succeeds in the end, Mimet decides to make on last stand against the Sailor Scouts. Meanwhile, the Sailor Scouts sneak into the Mugen School in order to investigate the place and any connection it has to the Heart Snatchers.

Episode 114/32 - Aired: 7/24/2000
Title: Fiendish Ferns

Telulu has taken over and she has developed a new way to snatch heart crystals, and her way will collect more then ever before. She opens a flower shop where people can buy plants that need no care. Trista decides to take one and investigate. She soon discovers that it is dangerous and goes to get rid of the one Rini has. She then heads back to the flower shop to stop Telulu along with Serena and Rini.

Episode 115/33 - Aired: 7/25/2000
Title: The Science of Love

The next of the Witches 5, Byruit, is now in charge of gathering heart crystals. With the national exams being held at Mugen School, Byruit is going to use computers to steal everyone's pure hearts. However, the Sailor Scouts are also there hoping to find out something about the Heart Snatchers. Meanwhile, Uranus and Neptune make a shocking discovery in the school's basement. Byruit shows up and attacks. Can the Sailor Scouts stop her?

Episode 116/34 - Aired: 7/26/2000
Title: Wake Up Call

With the Sovereign of Silence growing very weak, Dr. Tomoe leaves the job of collecting pure hearts to the last of the the Witches 5, Cyprin. In hopes of gaining Dr. Tomoe's affection, Kaorinite goes off in search of the purest heart, belonging to Rini. After Cyprin's defeat, the scouts are unable to do anything but watch as the Sovereign of Silence steals Rini's pure heart and is finally awakened.

Episode 117/35- Aired: 7/27/2000
Title: Who's Really Who

With Mistress 9 awakened, she, along with Professor Tomoe, prepares for the arrival of Master Pharaoh 90, and the silence. With Rini's life on the line, Sailor Moon and the Guardian Scouts prepare to storm Mugen School in order to get her pure heart back. However, Mistress 9 sends all of the remaining daimon pods after the Sailor Scouts, and no matter how many attacks the scouts attempt, they won't back off. Lucky for them they back off and create a forcefield around Mugen, but Mistress 9 captures Sailor Moon so she can get her hands on the Purity Chalice. Meanwhile, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto attempt to get into Mugen from a helicopter, but the daimon pods attack and destroy the helicopter. Pluto transports Uranus and Neptune in at the cost of her life, and they come up against Dr. Tomoe. Will they be able to defeat him, and will Sailor Moon be able to save Rini and Hotaru?

Episode 118/36 - Aired: 7/28/2000
Title: Darkness, My Old Friend

Pharaoh 90 is approaching Earth, and Sailor Moon is desperate to save Hotaru. Uranus and Neptune try to kill Mistress 9, but Sailor Moon takes their attacks, and Mistress 9 ties the duo up. Mistress 9 decides to act as Hotaru and pretend to be in pain. Her plan succeeds and Sailor Moon hands her the Purity Chalice. Mistress 9 puts the chalice in the special machine and now Pharaoh 90 has arrived on Earth and begins to destroy everything in its path. Will Sailor Moon be able to save Hotaru, the Sailor Scouts, and the entire world?

Episode 119/37 - Aired: 7/31/2000
Title: Second Chance

The world has been saved and everyone's life is returning to normal. While walking in a park, Rini loses her hat. The image of Sailor Pluto appears before her and reveals that Hotaru has been reborn and she is ok. Meanwhile, the Sailor Scouts are checking the site of Mugen School to see if there are any remains of the Heart Snatchers and the whereabouts of Hotaru, but they find nothing. Uranus and Neptune appear and challenge Sailor Moon to a battle, saying that because of what she did, she isn't fit to be the future queen.

Episode 120/38 - Aired: 8/1/2000
Title: Tough Kindness

After Rini receives a letter from her Mom and Dad telling her they miss her, she starts thinking of going home. All of the girls want to throw her a going away party. Serena makes her a present and so do the other girls. After a tearful goodbye, the scouts get news that one Heart Snatcher survived the last battle and it is now collecting pure hearts. Can the Sailor Scouts defeat it on their own and finally end the Heart Snatchers' reign of terror?

Sailor Moon S - The Movie: Hearts In Ice
Aired: 11/9/2001

As Serena and the girls enjoy Christmas vacation, an comet approaches the Earth. On the comet is the bitter Snow Queen Kaguya, who wants to rule the planet. She creates a snow storm that envelopes the planet and creates her warriors, the snow dancers. She instructs them to freeze everything insight and find the special crystal that dropped to Earth. However, they soon encounter the Sailor Scouts who temporarily stop them. Meanwhile, Luna falls in love with a young astronomer named Kakeru, whose girlfriend, Himeko, is an astronaut on an upcoming mission. Luna begins to develop feelings of love for Kakeru, but is sad because she realizes that a cat could never be with a human. When Serena discovers this, she follows Luna to Kakeru's place where she sees Kaguya stealing the crystal. Realizing that they must defeat Kaguya to save Kakeru and the rest of the planet, the scouts head to her iceberg. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to stop Kaguya?

Season 4 - Sailor Moon SuperS

Episode 121/01 - Aired: 9/26/2000
Title: Dreams Take Flight

Life has returned to normal for everyone, and they gather in a park to watch a solar eclipse. During the eclipse, a tent arrives in the city. Inside a bunch of strange monsters laugh and make fun of humans until they are sent away. An old man named Zirconia appears and summons the Amazon Trio. He commands them to find the dream mirror that contains Pegasus so that they may rule the world. Their first target ends up being Elizabeth. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mini Moon, and Tuxedo Mas confront them, but their monster is too powerful. Will they be able to defeat this new enemy?

Episode 122/02 - Aired: 9/27/2000
Title: No Ordinary Horse Power

Zirconia sends out the Amazon Trio again, saying if they find Pegasus they will rule the world.

Episode 123/03 - Aired: 9/28/2000
Title: Sweet Dreams

Pegasus appears in Rini's dreams and again warns her that the Crystal Wood is in danger. Serena's mum is targeted by Hawk's Eye.

Episode 124/04 - Aired: 9/29/2000
Title: Baiting the Trap

Hawk's Eye assures Zirconia that the trio can succeed. He reveals a special cage that designed to contain Pegasus. Molly is targeted by Tiger's Eye.

Episode 125/05 - Aired: 10/2/2000
Title: Perfect Couple

Tiger's Eye targets Saori whom he approaches as a French tourist. Saori has asked Darien to meet her so she can tell him her feelings. She is attacked for her Dream Mirror before she gets the chance.

Episode 126/06 - Aired: 10/3/2000
Title: Much Ado About Kitten

Tiger's Eye targets Sister Maria, who is preparing a wedding. Artemis and Venus come to the Rescue and a tiny cat calling Artemis her dad, appears and causes a whole lot of trouble.

Episode 127/07 - Aired: 10/4/2000
Title: A Pegasus Page Turner

Lita's old friend, Tomoko Takase, has become a famous author. The girls set out to get her autograph but she hiding from the public because of her writer's block.

Episode 128/08 - Aired: 10/5/2000
Title: A Teacher's Lesson

A woman's dream of becoming a teacher is not working out. Just after she bumps into Serena and Rini, she is attacked by Tiger's Eye.

Episode 129/09 - Aired: 10/6/2000
Title: The Trouble With Love

The girls are studying at Darien's apartment and over-react to smoke in the building, ruining his place. Raye invites him to stay at the temple and Serena gets jealous.

Episode 130/10 - Aired: 10/9/2000
Title: Phony Fairy

Rini meets a guy named Kitakata, the author of a book about fairies. Fish Eye targets him. Rini follows them into the woods where Fish Eye has convinced Kitakata that she is a fairy.

Episode 131/11 - Aired 10/10/2000
Title: Driven Dreamer

Amy sees Natsumi giving Darien a key, which she thinks is to his apartment. Hawk's Eye targets Natsumi, appearing to look like her husband.

Episode 132/12 - Aired: 10/11/2000
Title: Cutting It Close

Miharu is a young samurai sword girl in training. Rini invites her SM Section and Serena visits her mother, Fuyumi, after seeing the harshness of her training.

Episode 133/13 - Aired: 10/12/2000
Ttitle: Clothes Call

A hot new designer is in a slump after a recent fashion show. Serena is lucky enough to bump into him and makes him realize the feeling to wanting to design again. Fish Eye targets him and tries to manipulate his work.

Episode 134/14 - Aired: 10/13/2000
Title: Double Trouble

Mina is double booked for dates with Jack (Tiger's Eye) and Charlie (Hawk's Eye), as they compete over her.

Episode 135/15 - Aired: 10/16/2000
Title: Recipe for Danger

Darien offers to share his umbrella with an old lady named Maya. She rudely rejects his offer. Meanwhile Hawk's Eye targets Maya. The Sailor Scouts come to the rescue.

Episode 136/16 - Aired: 10/17/2000
Title: Kicking into High Gear

Rini is not quite sure how to react when she is invited out by the coolest guy at her school, soccer star, Robert.

Episode 137/17 - Aired: 10/18/2000
Title: Beach Blanket Bungle

The girls are at the beach. Tiger's Eye targets Amy. The other girls come to the rescue and have to battle the ball popping Remless Pump Ponko.

Episode 138/18 - Aired: 10/19/2000
Title: Tutu Treachery

Serena responds to a call for dancers from Giselle. The other girls join the class and so does Faye (Fish Eye).

Episode 139/19 - Aired: 10/20/2000
Title: Duchess's Day Off

Duchess of Amethyst is on an official visit to Tokyo, but reported sick in bed with the flu. Rini and Serena befriend the Duchess. Hawk's Eye targets the Duchess and Tuxedo Mask comes to the rescue.

Episode 140/20 - Aired: 10/23/2000
Title: No Prince Charming

The girls attend a dance party at a festival. Tiger's Eye picks out Lita from all the beautiful dreamers. Lita dances with him and feels strong emotions for him but finds she has been deceived.

Episode 141/21 - Aired: 10/24/2000
Title: A True Reflection

Fish Eye targets Darien. She calls herself Serena's rival in love. Darien refuses her and he explains that he loves Serena because she is full of beautiful dreams. Fish Eye is shocked and upset when she realizes that the Amazon Trio do not have Dream Mirrors.

Episode 142/22 - Aired: 10/25/2000
Title: Eternal Dreams

Fish Eye stays at Serena's place while its raining. Fish Eye discovers that Rini is the holder of the Pegasus, but the other Trio try to attack Serena, thinking she is the one. The silhouetted girls send a Remless to kill the Trio. They are vanquished but Pegasus revives them and gives them dreams.

Episode 143/23 - Aired: 10/26/2000
Title: A New Nightmare

The Dark Moon Circus has opened. Rini and Melanie get the other girls to take them and Melanie is attacked by the Amazon Quartet.

Episode 144/24 - Aired: 10/27/2000
Title: Heartfelt Melody

Amy writes a poem to a Melody she downloaded of the internet, composed by Toshiyuki. He is attacked by the Quartet and Sailor Mercury gains her new power, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!

Episode 145/25 - Aired: 12/21/2000
Title: Dreams Of Her Own

A girl, named Nanako idolizes Raye and joins her at the temple as her sister. The girl is attacked by Besu Besu and Sailor Mars' new power emerges, Mars Flame Shooter!

Episode 146/26 - Aired: 10/30/2000
Title: Dental Dilemma

Para Para creates a wonderful dentist and also putting sugar into the town, making all the children obtaining cavities, including Serena and Rini.

Episode 147/27 - Aired: 10/31/2000
Title: Nightmare Garden

Mina and Lita both have a crush on a kindergarten teacher, Mr. Honjo. They both fight over him but become friends again just in time when Cele Cele of the Amazon Quartet shows up. Lita and Mina both obtain their new powers; "Jupiter Oak Evolution!" and "Venus Love & Beauty Shock!"

Episode 148/28 - Aired: 11/1/2000
Title: Vaulting to Victory

Rini and her friend Kelly are good at sports, but they are having a problem with box horse. Serena and the other help Rini, while Kelly is trained by Jun Jun. After accomplishing her goal Jun Jun attacks him.

Episode 149/29 - Aired: 11/2/2000
Title: Reflections of Reality

Serena and Rini befriend an artists in the park. He paints a portrait for Cele Cele but loses his dream when he has to paint what she wants and not how he sees her.

Episode 150/30 - Aired: 11/3/2000
Title: Dream Believer

Rini is at the park with her friends, Melanie and Kelly. They meet a kid named Hiroki who has built a plane. Besu Besu appears to capture Hiroki's Dream Mirror.

Episode 151/31 - Aired: 11/6/2000
Title: Pegasus Revealed

Para Para strikes again. Sailor Moon and Mini Moon switch bodies and Rini becomes the adult. Pegasus reveals to Rini that he is the protector of dreams, Helios.

Episode 152/32 - Aired: 11/7/2000
Title: Rini's Lovely Rhapsody

Serena, Darien and the other tries to find out who Rini is in love with. When Rini described Pegasus to them, they think she is in love with a "donkey face".

Episoded 153/33 - Aired: 11/8/2000
Title: Tomorrows Big Dream

Serena and the other girls help out at a hall for a coming of age ceremony. The Amazon Quartet also help out and discover the dreams of the other girls.

Episode 154/34 - Aired: 11/9/2000
Title: Day of Night

Spider webs begin to appear all over Tokyo. Darien is constantly in pain, and Queen Nehellenia is getting closer and closer to getting her hands on the Golden Mirror. The girls find the Amazon Quartet and they both reveal their identities to one another.

Episode 155/35 - Aired: 11/10/2000
Title: Showtime Showdown

Pegasus reveals himself to the Scouts in an effort to explain the situation. A solar eclipse is pushing the city into darkness. Luna, Artemis and Diana stay back with Darien while the Sailors make their way to the circus.

Episode 156/36 - Aired: 11/13/2000
Title: The Dark Legend

Nehellenia reveals her story and Rini has been taken, while the Sailor Scouts become trapped in a mirror maze. The Amazon Quartet try to remove Pegasus' horn so they can harness his powers.

Episode 157/37 - Aired: 11/14/2000
Title: One In the Hand

Time is running out to save the Earth, Rini, Helios and Darien. Nehellenia reunites Helios' body with Pegasus and finally removes the Golden Crystal from his horn. Meanwhile the Sailor Scouts are up against the evil Zirconia and his many clones. The Amazon Quartet return and are attacked by Zirconia in an attempt to harness their 'girl power'.

Episode 158/38 - Aired: 11/15/2000
Title: Golden Revival

Queen Nehellenia has placed Mini Moon in a deep sleep and the Amazon Girls feel they should help the Sailor Scouts prevent the Darkness. They succeed in stealing the Golden Crystal from Nehellenia, and replacing it with a pineapple. Meanwhile Darien grows weaker as the Earth is taken over by dozens of Circus Tents.

Episode 159/39 - Aired: 11/16/2000
Title: The Sweetest Dream

Sailor Moon & Mini Moon were able to activate the Golden Crystal with the power of beautiful dreams, but this wasn't enough to totally destroy Queen Nehellenia. With her last ounce of strength, she captures Mini Moon as she departs for the new moon. Sailor Moon follows and Nehellenia throws Mini Moon from the rising platform. Sailor Moon dives after her, becoming Princess Serena when running out of time to save Mini Moon. In doing so, the world became bright and peaceful once again and any trace of Nehellenia's darkness was completely destroyed. The Amazon Quartet seek a new life as humans, and everyone learns that you should always hold onto your dreams, because they are what keep people believing.

Sailor Moon SuperS - The Movie: Black Dream Hole
Aired: 11/16/2001

Everywhere around the world, the children sleep. Unaware of danger lurking in the shadows. But tonight, a strange darkness floats in the wind. And the children, one by one, begin to disappear. It seems to be a supernatural force that feeds on their dreams. The evil queen, Badiyanu, and her loyal fairies assist in using the “Black Dream Hole” to swallow the earth. It is up to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts to prevent the approaching Darkness.

Season 5 - Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars

Episode 160/01 - Release date: November 12, 2008
Title: The Nightmare Returns

The last we saw of the girls, they had defeated the evil Nehelenia and life was starting to go back to normal… or so they thought. When Nehelenia somehow breaks out from her eternal seal, she begins her revenge on the White Moon people. Amara, Michelle, and Trista are the first to get a taste of her evil wrath. Are the Sailor Scouts of the Outer Solar System strong enough to defeat such an evil?

Episode 161/02 - Release date: May 31, 2009
Title: Breaking Through the Silence

As Nehelenia’s plans begin to take action, Hotaru sees what the future may hold. The Moon Kingdom is again under threat, but will Sailor Moon’s new powers be enough? And what will happen when Sailor Saturn, the Sailor Scout of Destruction, is awakened once more!?

Episode 162/03 - Release date: August 16, 2009
Title: A Dark Reflection

Teenagers all over Tokyo seem to be acting “spaced-out”; more than usual! When there’s tension between Serena and Darien, does this mean Queen Nehelenia is finally going to reveal herself, and her evil plans? Will the Sailor Scouts figure out the truth before it’s too late?

Episode 163/04 - Release date: January 17, 2010
Title: Faithful Ambitions

Darien has been captured by Nehelenia – creating a time paradox! When Rini starts to fade away, can all the Sailor Scouts reach Queen Nehelenia’s nightmare palace before her evil spell sticks, and the world ends?

Episode 164/05 - Release date: June 19, 2010
Title: Love's Battlefield

With the Sailor Scouts being captured one by one, who will save Darien from Nehelenia’s evil grasp? Serena is next to be captured when she is put in a dream world, never to wake up! Can Sailor Jupiter snap her out of this trance and save the day?

Episode 165/06 - Release date: October 14, 2010
Title: Walking on Shattered Glass

With all the Scouts captured and Serena tackling a long journey through a path of thorns, can Sailor Mini Moon and Sailor Saturn snap Darien out of Nehelenia’s spell before it’s too late? They all must believe in their powers of love and friendship if they want good to conquer evil.

Episode 166/07 - Release date: November 26, 2011
Title Starlight, Star Bright

Just as Nehelenia has been freed from the evil forces of the Negaverse, a new enemy arrives on Earth. But these new powerful monsters are after something more valuable than energy, Heart Crystals, or even Dream Mirrors… a Sailor Scout’s Power Crystal! With all this excitement going on, and the arrival of new Sailor Scouts, will Serena and the girls ever be able to enjoy being normal teenagers again?

Episode 167/08 - Release date: December 11, 2012
Title: New Kids on the Block

It looks like this isn’t going to be just another ordinary year for the girls when a popular boy band begins attending their high school. The Tri-Lights (Justin, Jordan and Julian) are making the girls at Crossroads High go wild! But Serena doesn’t seem to see what’s so special about them, especially since their lead singer (Justin) seems to enjoy making fun of her unusual hairstyle. And while this is all going on, the high school gets a visit from the devilish Iron Mouse who is tracking down another possible True Power Crystal. Will Crossroads’ star football player be holder of one of these powerful gems? When the Sailor Starlights appear yet again, will Sailor Moon and the other Scouts discover their true intentions?

Episode 168/09 - Release date: January 8, 2014
Title: Hangin' with the Stars

The sudden appearance of new Sailor Scouts has definitely stirred things up for Serena and the gang, but with so much going on, everyone needs a distraction every now and then. Mina begins hanging out with the Tri-Lights in the hopes it will jump-start her dream to be a famous star. As she begins to work closer with them, she finds herself in the middle of a heated battle when a famous photographer is Sailor Iron Mouse’s next target for a True Power Crystal.

Episode 169/10 - Release date: December 27, 2014
Title: A Fighter's Secret

Justin, Jordan, and Julian are the newest stars of a local director’s musical. While the director feels Justin isn’t taking it seriously, it begins to bug him to the point of getting a lower test score than Serena and Mina! To make matters more complicated, Iron Mouse is on the prowl for yet another Star Crystal, and is hoping that this mysterious musical director has the ticket into Galaxia’s good books. When she finally makes a move, Justin is drawn into the battle and attacked! Will Sailor Moon arrive in time to save the day?

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