Saturday, May 21, 2016

Update on Episodes

I am still adding episodes to the site, just taking my time, course for a couple of weeks I was unable to upload videos to due to them having some server errors but they got them fixed and so far Sailor Moon R is almost done, the first 34 episodes of the season are now back on the site, only have 8 more to go out of the 42 episodes DiC dubbed of that season.

Also I been working on syncing the original English dub of Sailor Moon S to R2 rips as I feel the visual of R2 is better then R1, so that's been taking up some of the uploading as well as I am trying to get every episode of that season done before I finish Sailor Moon R so I can go straight into uploading them and not rush trying to get each episode done, I currently have the first 11 synced out of the 38 S season episodes.

I don't know as of right now if I will sync Sailor Moon SuperS to R2 rips, I may not, may try and R2 what I have myself, I been praticing a bit and getting an idea of how to make it look good so may go that route.

Also, as you can see I have also been working on videos for the site's YouTube page, so that also has been a contributing factor.

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