Thursday, May 26, 2016

Site News

All episodes of season two are available, though the last two are currently in the conversion stage but they are already embedded onto the site and should be available soon.

Also the following have been restored to Sailor Moon TV:
  • Moon Crystal Power - R2
  • Moon Star Power - R2
  • Moon Crystal Power (From Sailor Moon S) - R2
  • Moon Cosmic Power - R2

What is new:
  • Moon Cosmic Power (S: The Movie) - R2
  • Moon Pride (Sailor Moon Edition)
  • Moon Pride (Momoclo Edition)
  • Sailor Moon Crystal Orignal Soundtracks
The R2 is an Mp4 and the albums are rar files. All mp3 and they are 128kps.

Also new the first four episode of the English dub of Sailor Moon Crystal are now available to watch.

As of right now I'm going to take a break from uploading the original dub to finalize R2ing S and I will not be doing the same to SuperS, in fact I will be trying to better the video quality myself of the English DVD rips. So until these two season are done being converted the remainder of the series will be on hold. I don't think it'll take too long, I've already gotten the first 19 episodes of S in R2 so that's half the season done. SuperS has 39 so I'm hoping it won't take too long, please try and be patient.

For the time being I will try and add the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal in English to the site I have the first season already and the first episode of season two, so I'll try and get as many episodes done while adding Sailor Moon Crystal.

I hope this will make up for it. Thanks for your patience.

Also, be sure to follow our new Google+ profile to keep posted on site updates that are shared.

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