Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just wanted to say

Thank you to all those who are coming on here and checking this site out and to those who come and revisit it to see if any new episodes have been added. As of right now the first 23 episodes of Sailor Moon Season 1 have been added and more are coming I promise you that. I have a bunch of episodes but they are not ready to be uploaded because they are too far in the season and not ready to be uploaded. I am working on trying to find season 3 that does not have the Japanese title at the opening because it is completely different from what the United States has had released. I have watched the first 4 episode that I have on VHS and I have seen the English dubbed opening version so I know they are different.

If anyone has them please e-mail me by clicking here it would be a great help.

Again thanks for visiting my site.

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