Saturday, February 7, 2009

To all parents of children who are fans of Sailor Moon

Please be sure to monitor what your children watch on the internet when it comes to this TV series. The Japanese versions of this show are not suitable for children under the age of thirteen which is why my site will only allow the American/English dubbed versions of the show because I do not wish to allow children to be subjected to such things. For more information on the Sailor Moon TV series click here to go to the Wikipedia of Sailor Moon.


  1. Disagree. I think its fine for kids.

  2. I am meaning children under 13 cause the show from S onward is geared towards a more maturer audience. If I had the TV edits I'd disagree to what I posted as well but seeing as they are the uncut Jap versions of the show then children under 13 should not watch this show.

  3. Let parents make up their own mind whats appropriate, if its fine for japanese kids im sure kids from other countries will be just fine with it.