Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Check out what my score was, lol

Your result for Which Sailor Senshi are you?...

Pretty Soldier... Sailor Moon!

You scored 52% for Moon!

Moon Cosmic Power... Make-up!

You are kind-hearted, and you have more power than you ever imagined... It is deep in yourself, deep in your heart!

Be strong, and don't ever give up, because everyone is counting on you, Princess Serenity!

You possess the ability to spread love and understanding everywhere around you, everywhere you go! You cheer up everyone, and you can be very sweet!

You believe in love, and you believe in people around you. And they believe in you. You like day-dreaming and you know that your dreams will come true, if you believe in them!

Everyone counts on you, Tsukino Usagi*!

* Your name translates as Rabbit of the Moon.

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